American Holidays

Have you ever dreamed of living the sleepy New England life? You can find that quintessential New England experience in Connecticut, the backdrop to so many iconic American movies and TV shows. A small state, but by no means small of character. Beautiful colleges, from Yale to Wesleyan, and colonial buildings leap out from the landscape like snippets in time. With a rich history, breathtaking scenery and four distinct seasons, delve into the everchanging, picturesque landscape and sculpt your dreams into reality.

Picture New England in the Fall. The warm foliage, crisp underfoot, with soothing winds and lulling river walks. Truly made for the autumn, its unrivalled foliage invites you to try the best of the season, with apple picking, hot cider, pumpkin patches and hay rides.

But that isn't to say Connecticut is purely an autumn destination. Quite the opposite. Take a sleigh ride through the snowy winter, watch cherry blossoms paint the streets pink in the spring and explore the glittering coast in the summer. No matter the time of year, pick up your camera and lose yourself in the beauty of nature.

Stay in a sleepy B&B, an old country inn or a modern hotel – whatever way you want to chase your New England dream, you can make it a reality. Not only this, but at less than a 2.5 hour drive away from New York and Boston, it is the perfect gateway to the American North-East. With its rich history, fresh seafood and charming culture, Connecticut is just waiting to welcome you home.