Hit the sunny shores of Miami for an American holiday with all the feeling of a sun holiday. Boasting America’s 3rd tallest skyline, Miami is a truly cosmopolitan city that begs exploration. Nicknamed the Magic City, you’ll certainly be enchanted by its charms.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Everglades, the sprawling tropical wetlands that have been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Take an air boat tour through the marshy waters, marvel at the mangroves and spot snakes and even alligators.

The Cruise Capital of America, the Port of Miami is the starting point for many cruises around the American coast and through the Caribbean. With golden beaches, palm tree promenades and an electric atmosphere, Miami is an amazing place to spend your American holiday. The city itself is a stunning blend of Caribbean and Latin flavours with a punch of American character that makes it its own. Head out to Key West for a taste of Cuba on the mainland or hop in the car for a roadtrip to Tampa or Orlando. Get the best of both worlds by relaxing by the beach with a cocktail by day and partying at the lively nightclubs by night. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it in Miami!