American Holidays

Visit the nation’s capital of Washington DC for the true American experience. Named after the first president of the US, Washington is home to some of the country’s most important political and historical landmarks. The heart of the American government, you can catch a glimpse of the White House and Capitol Hill. For a closer look, book a tour of the Capitol where you can get an insider’s peek into the US Congress.

With so many key landmarks that you’ll want to see make sure you have time to visit them all – luckily, many of the key landmarks are actually quite close to each other. The Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument are iconic in their stature, and as tributes to two of the most revered US presidents they are of huge symbolic significance to the city. The Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial is not far from the Lincoln Memorial, a stark and poignant tribute, while the Smithsonian Institution is an unmissable experience. Free of charge, you get access to 19 museums hosting exhibits on everything from African-American culture, Native American history and Natural history. With the addition of a zoo, the Smithsonian is the perfect day out for all the family. These are just some of the many reasons to visit the vibrant city, and with lots to plan you should get started! .