The beautiful Indonesian island of Bali is called “The Isle of the Gods”, and it is not without reason. Its landscape of Lakes and fast flowing rivers littered with banyans and palm groves and adorned with the exquisite artistry of carefully carved rice paddies. Inlets and coves indenting its coast are filled with white sand and sweeping bays are backed by the blossoms of a tropical Eden scented with subtle fragrances. Fantastic as a feast of nature, it is viewed by the Balinese as little more than a suitably colourful backdrop for their fabled tier-roofed temples and frequent cultural festivals. In Bali there is a vibrancy that touches everything, from gold costumed dancers, to discos and night-clubs of grand hotels. It is far from untouched by tourism but there is ample space and inspiration of meditative moments. For those that want to stay wet, Bali Island has World-class scuba diving, snorkeling and wonderful day trips out to Nusa Penida for beach sports and coral viewing.When the sun sets, the choices are still hard to make - a quiet romantic moon lit dinner or watch the spectacular Balinese Fire Dance or Kecak Dance.Restaurants in Bali are extremely cosmopolitan yet inexpensive. Experience not only local delicacies like Nasi Goreng and Sate Campur but also Chinese, Malaysian, Japanese, Italian/ European Greek, Moroccan and even Mexican cuisine and do not forget Bali`s wonderful seafood - local lobster at such prices that you will want to keep coming back for more.




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