The Republic of Singapore is located on the Malay Peninsula and reaches out across around 40 adjacent islands most of which have beautiful tropical beaches that due to their proximity to the equator are warm and fantastic for swimming and diving all year round.

Sinapore's climate is warm and humid, with only slight variations between the average maximun of 31 degrees celcius and the average minimum of 23 degrees celcius. This makes it ideal for those who enjoy sunbathing, swimming, sailing and other water sports. But for those who do not enjoy the tropical climate, Singapore is sheltered from the worst affects of the sun with air-conditioning in almost all of its shops, hotels, office buildings, and restaurants. Rain falls throughout the year, with more consistent rain coming during the monsoon season from November to January. Showers are usually sudden and heavy, but also brief and refreshing.

Singapore has a wide range of differently priced restaurants to suit the needs of travellers. Local fare found at hawker centres and kopitiams or open-fronted local coffee shops are very reasonably priced while luxury meals served at five star establishment are still excellent value for money.

Shopping is one of the greatest pleasures in Sinaopore. Part of the fun is the excellent buys and great variety of shops all over the island. Delight in a bargain at a little neighbourhood shop, pick up a quaint item or two as you as you stroll through colourful ethnic quarters, discover favourite buys of the droves who flock to the modern malls or be entrolled by the splendour of whole shopping 'cities' selling everything under the sun. Many top hotels also have an attached shopping arcade with fine boutiques specialising in designer fashion, accessories, jewellery and watches.




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