Puerto rico

Introduction to Puerto Rico

Located on the southwest coast of Gran Canaria, sheltered by the mountains, Puerto Rico is the sunniest resort in the Canary Islands. This is amazingly picturesque, man-made resort has attractive buildings sloping down to its well kept Public Park, golden sandy beach and small yacht marina. A new promenade from the marina links the man made Amadores beach via a pleasant 20 minute stroll.Ringed by dazzlingly white sands, Puerto Rico is a magnet for beach-bound holidaymakers. The rough currents of the Atlantic swell into some of the biggest waves in the Caribbean on the Northern coastline, while the shores on the South of the island enjoy the warm, tranquil waters of the Caribbean Sea.

A colourful combination of laid-back Caribbean charm and American glamour, in Puerto Rico cosmopolitan entertainment complexes stand next to ancient monuments. Beach-side casinos, ocean-view golf courses and water parks surround luxurious hotels, while towns nearby are defined by imposing 15th century fortresses and lively Caribbean restaurants.A vibrant culture that blends African, American, Hispanic and Caribbean influences, Puerto Rico buzzes with energy and life. An easy-going atmosphere fuelled by reggae beats, salsa rhythms and smiles, tourists mix with locals keen to show off the best of the island. Visitors want to return year upon year.




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