Cheap City Breaks

The Scottish capital is truly beautiful. With cobbled streets and medieval architecture on one side and Georgian character on the other you can take a trip through Scotland’s history simply by walking the streets. Take the climb to the castle for an incredible experience and a panoramic view of the city. Harry Potter fans can’t miss the Elephant House Cafe (where JK Rowling wrote much of the series), the spiral street of Victoria Street that echoes Diagon Alley or Greyfriars Cemetery which inspired so many of the names.

You’ll quickly feel at home in the city which bears many similarities to Ireland – weather, people and food to boot – so go on and be a local! There’s fun to be had until all hours of the morning, with pubs and nightclubs buzzing until the wee hours of the morning. Visit the Whiskey Experience for a cultural excuse to drink scotch or explore the optical illusions of Camera Obscura.

There’s plenty of craic to be had in Scotland, and there’s no better destination for a weekend of culture and excitement than Edinburgh.