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This bustling city is a tourist hotspot with plenty of local character. Our deals on cheap holidays to Dubai can’t be missed. Dubai’s glitz, glamour and countless attractions await!

Holidays to Dubai

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Discover the Wonders of Dubai

From humble origins as a simple fishing village, Dubai has exploded into a shimmering oasis of global culture, cuisine and travel. Here, the past and the future unite – what a journey the city has made under the hand of its royal family who have overseen its huge growth in recent decades.

More and more Irish holiday makers are discovering the unique wonders of Dubai. The city is one clash of manmade wonders and natural beauty. Its high-rises are genuinely spectacular, as well as its manmade islands created in the shape of palm trees. The tallest building in the world is here, the unforgettable Burj Khalifa. But the city also enjoys the gifts of nature, nestled as it is between the sea and the desert sands. There are some truly beautiful beaches here, the star in the crown being Jumeirah Beach, a stunning stretch of soft white sands that’s a must-see during your Dubai holidays.

At Cassidy Travel, we pride ourselves on uncovering the best deals on cheap holidays to Dubai. Dubai can be what you want it to be – an affordable city getaway, a chance to indulge in a little luxury, or a fun-packed family getaway. See our deals on city breaks for more.

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Staff Tips

  • Time your visit well - don't go during Ramadan!
  • Be aware - some hotels are dry hotels, meaning you won't be able to get alcoholic drinks. Double check your hotel to avoid this
  • Make the most of your trip; travel to Dubai on the night time flight to arrive early and save on your hotel cost

Quick Facts:

Local Time: 03:38

Transfer Time: 0.15

Currency: DIRHAM

Fly From: Dublin

Average flight time: 7hrs 30mins

Language: Arabic


The weather never disappoints but be aware that it can get very hot between June and August with temperatures reaching a peak of up to 45°C. The coolest months are December and January with lows of 25°C. There’s little or no rain at all during the summer months and with small downpours in between December and March.

When to go

Dubai is a sun chasers paradise as it's hot all year round. Tourist season peaks from December through to February so be aware that lines will be longer and parks and attractions will be busier too. Temperatures are a little cooler that time of year, and more manageable for international crowds. We'd recommend going before the summer months when it can become too hot, particular for Irish tourists unused to it.

Cheap holidays to Dubai

Entertainment and Shopping

Dubai is desert paradise of entertainment, nightlife and shopping. You’ll never be short of fun when you take your holidays to Dubai. As well as its thriving nightclub, DJ and party scene, there is loads to enjoy for art lovers. Take in an opera performance or go to the theatre for some culture, or the racecourse for a thrill. Dubai is a haven for shopaholics. The Dubai Mall is one of the biggest in the world with over 1,000 stores, an onsite aquarium and even an indoor theme park. And don’t forget to check out the glittering Gold Souk.

Things to do in Dubai

Things to Do

There are so many things to do in Dubai that you won’t be able to fit it all into one trip. The good thing is, your cheap holidays to Dubai will be jam packed with whatever activities you choose. Get a view from the top, by going to the observation deck of the Burj Khalifa and take in the city’s stunning panoramas from on high. See the awe-inspiring water show at the Dubai Fountain, explore the stunning manmade wonder that is the island of Palm Jumeirah and walk the soft sands of the city’s wonderful beaches. And don’t forget to take an unforgettable excursion into the desert itself. The desert dunes are like another world and there are some super fun activities to do there too.


Dubai is a genuine culinary capital. It plays host to a wide range of dining options from haute cuisine to casual dining. Any national cuisine you can think of is represented here, as well as many restaurants specialising in serving up delicious examples of Dubai’s own Arabic delights. Dubai attracts chefs from around the world and there is plenty of local fare and affordable options too. Whatever your preference, there will plenty of foodie choices during your cheap holidays to Dubai.

Family holidays in Dubai from Ireland


Your Dubai family holidays are sure to be a real adventure for all. The city is packed with family-friendly resorts and hotels with great facilities like kids clubs. As well as that, there are loads of activities suitable for kids scattered throughout the city. Build sandcastles by the beach and splash around in the blue sea. You’re pretty much guaranteed warm weather, and family holidays in Dubai are not too far from Ireland in terms of travel. When you land, you can discover some of its fantastic parks and attractions. Kidzania is a fun child-sized city, and Legoland is a safe bet for family fun. And don’t forget Dubai’s amazing aquariums. It’s really hard to know where to start with this incredibly family-friendly destination.