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This bustling city is a tourist hotspot with plenty of local character. Our deals on cheap holidays to Dubai can’t be missed. Dubai’s glitz, glamour and countless attractions await!

Holidays to Dubai

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Discover the Wonders of Dubai

From humble origins as a simple fishing village, Dubai has exploded into a shimmering oasis of global culture, cuisine and travel. Here, the past and the future unite – what a journey the city has made under the hand of its royal family who have overseen its huge growth in recent decades.

More and more Irish holiday makers are discovering the unique wonders of Dubai. The city is one clash of manmade wonders and natural beauty. Its high-rises are genuinely spectacular, as well as its manmade islands created in the shape of palm trees. The tallest building in the world is here, the unforgettable Burj Khalifa. But the city also enjoys the gifts of nature, nestled as it is between the sea and the desert sands. There are some truly beautiful beaches here, the star in the crown being Jumeirah Beach, a stunning stretch of soft white sands that’s a must-see during your Dubai holidays.

At Cassidy Travel, we pride ourselves on uncovering the best deals on cheap holidays to Dubai. Dubai can be what you want it to be – an affordable city getaway, a chance to indulge in a little luxury, or a fun-packed family getaway. See our deals on city breaks for more.

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