You’ll find stunning beaches, historical wonders, and a lively nightlife on a holiday in Larnaca. You can spend your days relaxing on the vast swathes of sandy beaches, wandering down the picturesque rows of palm trees along the sea front, or uncovering the mysteries of ancient Cyprus on your holiday. Larnaca is close to the airport, and with a large choice of sea front hotels and apartments, you’ll find plenty to do in this picturesque resort. 

Larnaca is a modern city with an elegant, palm-lined promenade, a cluster of ruins and a great beach. The seafront is bustling with bars and restaurants and, in Zenon Kitieos Street, there is a stretch of tempting craft shops and markets.Extending for over 25 kilometres, the beach is a combination of soft sands, all manner of watersports, and lots of tempting beach bars, on the Castella, Mckenzie and Phinikoudes beaches, you'll see the coveted Blue Flag.Larnaca gives plenty of opportunities to explore the island and the sea. There is diving, deep-sea fishing, kayaking and windsurfing along the shoreline. In town, you can book a Jeep safari into the Troodos Mountains.

Top 3 Things to do in Larnaca.
St. Lazarus’s Church, Larnaca
In the old town of Larnaca is St Lazarus's Church, with the relics of the Saint.
Saint Lazarus is the patron saint of Larnaca. After his resurrection by Christ, he lived here for another 30 years. He was ordained Bishop of Kition by Saints Barnabas and Mark.
His relics are located in this church, created in his honor.
The church was built in the ninth century by Emperor Leo VI and was faithfully restored in the 17th century, and the iconostasi is an excellent example of Baroque woodcarving.
Its white painted belfry is highly distinctive and escaped the Turkish ban on such structures.
The Larnaca Medieval Museum 
The Larnaca Medieval Museum is housed in the Larnaca Fort, near the sea front.
The fort dates from 1625 and was build by the Turks to defend the city. It was used more often as a prison, especially when the island was under British control. Climbing up the walls offers good views of the sea. The fort is on the seashore and visitors can walk around the sea wall with the water up to their ankles.
The fort has archeological exhibits from the site of Kition. It is also used as the Larnaca Municipal Cultural Center during the summer.
Beyond the fort, to the west, stretches a long road of shops and cafes, behind a narrow gravel beach.
The Promenade in Larnaca
This promenade got its name from the palm trees that line either side of the street. It runs parallel to the beach in the old town of Larnaca. The tourist beach provides full amenities and facilities.
Outdoor cafes, English-style pubs and restaurants line the street and tourists have a choice of sitting at the restaurants and watching the waves or bathing in the warm Larnaca waters.
Halfway along the seafront is the statue of the Classical Greek naval officer Kimon, who died here in a great battle with the Persians.
Next to the promenade is also a large marina with berths for several hundred yachts. The marina is closed to the public, but visitors can stroll along the adjacent jetty or swim from the breakwater.




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