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It’s been said that Prague is one of the most stunning cities in Europe, but even that is an understatement. The ‘City of a thousand Spires’ is one of the world’s true gems and if you’re thinking of heading here, you’d better prepare to have your breath taken away. From the moment you cross the impressive Charles Bridge or step into the beautifully preserved Old Town Square, you’ll fall in love with this amazing city.

The historical city of Prague offers a fantastic combination of beautiful buildings, warm hospitality and lots of great activities and entertainment. At the centre of all the historical action lies Wenceslas Square – the heart of the New Town and really more of a large boulevard – where you can see the statue of Wenceslas and the National Museum Building. Walk up to Prague Castle a UNESCO World Heritage site with buildings that date back to the 10th century and take in the views, then head back down to the centre of the town and see the saints emerge on the hour from the Astronomical Clock.
Visit DOX, the new arts centre in the city, and then take a walk across the stunning Charles Bridge and stop for a moment to look at the breathtaking riverscape. Stop off in one of the little cafes for lunch and try some ‘head cheese’ (meat suspended in aspic), smoked mackerel, knedliky dumplings or goulash and be sure to sample some of the local slivovice beverage. Nightlife here rivals any other Eastern European country and you will find pubs and bars, clubs and restaurants – if you want to stay away from the busiest spots then avoid the areas around Wenceslas Square. Cassidy Travel has over 25 years experience booking incredible Prague city breaks. We can help you organise the perfect trip for you, whenever you want to go.

Top 3 things to do in Prague:

The Charles Bridge Tower – at Dawn
Nearly every tourist visiting central Prague will eventually stumble onto the Charles Bridge at some time or other. This landmark links the two main centers of Old Town, and is the gateway for walkers heading towards the castle. In the evening and on weekends, simply avoid the Bridge. Hoards of tourists are herded back and forth in an endless parade of mayhem. But visit early in the morning and you’re treated to something truly special. Duck into the tower on the Old Town side of the bridge and through an ancient doorway, and make your way up centuries old steps for a breathtaking view of the castle and the river that most tourists undoubtedly pass by.
Ancient Churches & Communist-Era Food Shopping
Take the yellow (B) line on the metro towards Cerny Most, away from the center and experience what life was like when Prague was still behind the Iron Curtain. Get off at the Hloubetin stop, go up the escalator and head right, underneath the street and up the steps. You’ll find yourself smack in the middle of a typical outer-Prague shopping center, with a video store, pharmacy, Asian food market and finally the Penny Market.
Arabic Coffee and Water Pipes
Make sure you visit the coffee shops while wandering around Old Town Prague. Prague is a haven for multiculturalism, and this seemingly non-descript Turkish tea house is a prime example.
A short walk from the Namesti Republicky metro stop, enter through the green facade of Cajovna Šiva into another world, with tantalizing incense, mesmerizing sitar music and the best coffee you’ll taste in Prague. Head downstairs and experience the surreal atmosphere and comfy couches.