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Given the rapidly evolving nature of Covid-19 and the international response to the outbreak and containment of the pandemic, restrictions have been put in place in various countries all over the world. 


It is important to note that local government measures and guidelines established at each individual country have been put in place to protect travellers through various sanitary and social distancing measures.  These measures may have an impact on your transfers, hotel stays, airport check-ins and the like. It is important to read the following details about some of the most common measures, and how to check which measures are in place below before you travel. This advice may be constantly updated as the situation develops, so please consult before you travel.

Restrictions and Entry Requirements

Some countries may require you to produce a Health Certificate which confirms that you have tested negative, others may require arriving passengers to take a test at the airport and many locations require face masks and other precautions are taken. It is your responsibility to ensure you have the correct and up to date information and papers, prior to departure. The following link will assist you and provides information on guidelines on restrictions and entry requirements for all countries:

Facilities in-resort

Please note that there is a possibility that not all facilities and services will be available as usual at your resort or holiday destination. Cassidy Travel, our partners and agents, cannot accept liability relating to lack of facilities and services due to these extraordinary circumstances.

Accommodation Check In

Accommodation and property check-in procedures may have changed, guests may be required to check-in at the property in advance of travel. We will do our best to provide information prior to travel as and when this becomes available to us.

Travel Insurance

We advise all travellers to obtain Travel Insurance prior to your departure. It is extremely important that you check with your travel insurance provider that you will be covered for Covid-19.

Will insurance cover my Green List trip?

If you book insurance with Cassidy Travel via our insurance partners, Blue Insurance, your medical costs will be covered if you contract Covid-19 whilst travelling abroad in a Green List destination, provided your destination was still on the Green List on your departure date. Unfortunately, if your destination is removed from the government Green List before you travel, this insurance will not cover you. It is important to thoroughly check the policy details of any insurance that you take out before travelling and follow the latest advice from government and insurance providers.

Terms and Condition of Booking

Please note that any public location where people are present provides an inherent risk of exposure and Cassidy Travel cannot guarantee that you will not be exposed to Covid-19 during your trip. By booking with us you acknowledge and agree that you accept these inherent risks associated with a part of your travel. It is important to read and understand our terms and conditions of booking and rest assured we will provide you with our best attention at all times.

Airline Safety Measures

As we emerge from Lockdown and start to think about travelling again, many of us have concerns about getting on an airplane for the first time again. This is why airlines are putting measures in place to ensure passenger safety and help to prevent further spread of COVID-19.

Read about the measures they are putting in place here.

Safety Measures in Top European Sun Destinations

As Europe emerges out of its Lockdown phase, its top holiday destinations are starting to open up to international tourism again. You may have understandable concerns about travelling again, so these destinations are putting in a range of measures to reassure you and to ensure your safety for the duration of your trip.

Some European sun destinations have been included on the Irish government's Travel Green List. The countries on the Travel Green List are: Italy, Greece, Hungary, Slovakia, Finland, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Greenland. You can travel to these countries without quarantining for 14 days upon arrival and return, and they are exempt from the warning against non-essential overseas travel.

We have gathered together advice for some of the top European sun destinations which you can read here.

What Cruise Companies Are Doing to Make it Safe to Travel

While the sector has been hit hard by the ongoing pandemic, most industry-leading cruise company affirmed their commitment to passenger safety early on by undertaking voluntary suspensions of operation. Most cruises have been cancelled up until mid-September and into October, but now cruise providers are planning for the future and putting measures in place to keep you safe.

For information on what our major cruise providers are doing to keep passengers safe and healthy while at sail, see here.

At the Airport: New Safety Measures

The airport is our first port of call when travelling. Some of us find it exciting, some of us find it stressful, but all are going to find their airport experience a little bit different for the foreseeable future. This is because airports in Ireland (and around the world) are changing things to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Dublin Airport, Shannon Airport, Cork Airport and Knock Airport have all released information on the extensive measures they are putting in place to make travel safe for passengers.

We have summarised the new measures here and gathered together relevant links in more detail here.

What Theme Parks Are Doing to Keep Visitors Safe

Theme park holidays are a popular option for many holidaymakers. Theme parks all across the world closed at an early point in the COVID-19 pandemic and have recently begun reopenings with new safety measures in place to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Each of our most popular theme park destinations has released information on what measures they have put in place. While they may differ, all include face masks, hand sanitisation, physical distancing, changes to queueing and check in processes, reduced capacity and changes to entertainment schedules.

We have summarised the new measures that our most popular theme parks are putting in place here.

What is the 'Travel Green List'

The Irish government has compiled a list of 10 EU countries that holidaymakers from Ireland can visit without quaranting for 14 days upon arrival, and upon return to Ireland. Visitors from the Green List countries can also come to Ireland without the 14 day quarantine. These countries have been selected by the Government as they have similar rates of Covid-19 to Ireland.

The countries on the Travel Green List are: Italy, Greece, Hungary, Slovakia, Finland, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Greenland.

The countries included on the Travel Green List are also exempt from the government's general warning against non-essential travel overseas.

Before you travel anywhere, you should seek out the latest travel advice from the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) here.

We also recommend reading useful information from the World Health Organisation here and visiting the websites of the airlines you intend to travel with.

You can find up to date travel advice from the HSE here.

Entry Requirements and Documentation

Many countries are beginning to let holidaymakers to visit again, both those countries included on the Irish government’s official Travel Green List and others. These may include forms with contact information, Passenger Locator Forms and Health Declaration forms, and entry requirements vary from country to country.


We make every effort to keep our travel advice up to date, the below may not represent an exhaustive list of entry requirements at your particular time of travel.


Green List Destinations


Greece - Passenger Locator Form to be filled out here

Italy - Self Declaration Form to be filled out here (pdf)

If entering Sardinia fill out this form

If entering Calabria fill out this form

If entering Tuscany fill out this form

Hungary - Online Form to be filled out here


Ryanair has put together a more comprehensive list of Entry Requirements for its destinations here.

For information on rescheduling existing bookings and for answers to our customers' most common questions about how Covid-19 affect travel plans, click here.

We have collated advice from government agencies and insurance partners below with a focus on our most popular destinations. For advice on travel to destinations not featured below, or for the latest information as this situation unfolds, contact your airline/insurance company directly, your own embassy and the embassy of the country you intend to visit, or consult the websites below:


Please see relevant authorities for the most up to date advice on this continuously developing situation.

Advice from the International Air Transport Association (IATA)

Travel Advice from the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA)

Latest Report from the World Health Organisation (WHO)