Boasting the largest sandy beach on Malta, Mellieha Bay is located on the northern tip of the island slightly towards the east. Relaxed and laid back, Mellieha Bay attracts many visitors during the day to its lovely beach, but at night, life centres on the hotels or one of the many restaurants in the town. A Baroque church stands proudly in the village’s centre, surrounded by both modern and historic buildings.

This charming town is teeming with both natural and architectural beauty, where the ancient neo-Baroque church and shrine are impressive attractions. With narrow lanes and winding streets, Mellieha is full of character and is surrounded by verdant, rolling terrain, creating spectacular views from this great viewpoint. The region also boasts an impressive beach, which is the longest in all of Malta and which is also widely regarded as the finest. There is also a selection of beautiful beaches that are all within easy reach from the main town, either by walking or via the ample transport links.

Top 3 Things to do in Mellieha.
Shrine of Our Lady of Mellieha
This chapel is situated near the parish church off the main street in 26th May 1990 Square. This domed little building, the oldest Marian shrine in Malta, was once the original parish church. Legend says it was built on the site of a cave-church visited by St Paul and St Luke and that St Luke painted the faded icon of the Madonna above the altar.
Inside is a tiny museum with hundreds of votive offerings. Memorabilia from Pope John Paul II's visit is behind a screen.
The Cave Shrine Dedicated to the Madonna
This cave-shrine is dedicated to the Madonna. The entrance is on the road opposite the steps that lead down from the square. Descend about 70 steps to reach an underground spring at the heart of the cave. The waters are said to have miraculous powers to heal the diseases of children and the rock walls are covered with votive gifts.
Selmun Palace
Selmun Palace is an eye-catching castle perched at the top of Mellieha ridge, and clearly visible along most of the northern coastline. The palace was constructed in the mid-18th century with Baroque features, including an elaborate balcony. The escutcheon above the entrance is that of the Redenzione organization.
Nearby is the chapel of Our Lady of Ransom.





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