PortAventura 3 Days 2 Parks Special Offer

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PortAventura 3 Days 2 Parks Special Offer


PortAventura 3 Days/2 Parks Ticket

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The PortAventura 3 Days/2 Parks Offer Ticket gives you 2 days admission to PortAventura Park and 1 day's admission to Costa Caribe Aquatic Park which is located next door. This fantastic water park allows you to enter the world of the Caribbean, here you can chill on Bahamas Beach, face the typhoon on El Tifon and plunge at great speed down the Mambo Limbo!

PortAventura Park offers more than 30 rides to suit both adrenaline-junkies and the smallest children. Test your nerves on the 8-loop Dragon Khan which reaches speeds of over 70mph, whilst Hurakan Condor stands at over 300 feet and lifts its riders slowly to the top before plunging them to the ground in freefall! Or try out Furius Baco in the Mediterranean area of the park. This coaster will speed up from 0 to 135 kmh in less than 3.5 seconds. To make it even more exciting it will drop to ground level, run through trenches, tunnels and even skim across the Mediterranean lake! 

Shambhala is a rollercoaster of giant proportions! Only the brave know what lurks in the long journeys that take them over huge lakes and mountains, climbing to new heights, abysmal falls and paths through dark tunnels. Standing at 76 meters high Shambhala is the tallest ride in Europe and features the the longest fall in Europe of 78 meters... where you reach a speed of 134 km/h! 

Angkor transports you to the Lost Kingdom of Cambodia for an exciting interactive river adventure. Board your boat at the temple and embark on a spectacular journey through the jungle, using your water cannon to shoot at the pythons, monkeys and tigers found in the temple, so that your boat can freely pass through.

Younger children are sure to love SésamoAventura where they can can enjoy all kinds of attractions, games and rides based on their favourite Sesame Street characters! In this family friendly zone all the Sesame Street characters are waiting to meet you and you can even board a fascinating fun plane flight high above SésamoAventura with Coco Piloto.

At the Caribbean-themed Costa Caribe Aquatic Park, kick back on the lazy river in an oversized rubber ring or relax in the shade of the palm trees.  If you’ve still got energy to burn then there’s more than enough to quench your desire in the shape of high speed water slides and vast wave pools. Discover Europe’s highest free fall slide which poses a challenge for even the most adventurous. And right next door you will find a multi-bump slide that runs for over 100 metres. Other highlights include a 6-lane racer slide where adults and children can compete to see who can get down the fastest. Young children also have their own Sesame Street pirate ship swimming area.

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