Menorca is the second largest Balearic Island and a holiday in Menorca is suited towards families and couples as it is one of the quieter of Spain’s Islands. Menorca is only a two and a half hour flight from the Ireland which makes it a fantastic choice for those with children. Due to the relatively flat nature of the landscape of Menorca it is a prime spot for walking and cycling; boat trips to be taken around the island to see its natural beauty off shore. .

Menorca offer a superb range of watersports, while for lovers of history there are mysterious, ancient monuments dating back to prehistoric times. When night falls, there are plenty of colourful bars, clubs and restaurants to visit. If choosing a holiday to Menorca, you should be prepared for a great experience and just have fun!

A plethora of sheltered coves and marvellous beaches can be found on a holiday in Menorca - a quiet, pretty island which has great natural beauty and follows a relaxed, gentler pace of life than its neighbouring islands. The coastline is particularly dramatic, with hidden coves and gently shelving sands, making it an ideal choice for a perfect vacation. There are plenty of archaeological sites you can visit on Menorca holidays for a refreshing change from a day at the beach - and there's much more for you to experience on a holiday to this splendid island!

Top 3 Things to do in Menorca.
Cala Mitjana Beach
Cala Mitjana is beautifully located at the end of a narrow, 250-metre-long bay.
The beach is only 20-25 metres long, but it is covered with very fine-grained sand. The water is crystal-clear and the beach has very shallow water. Due to the location of the beach, waves are very rare.
Cavalls Son Angel Horse Riding Trip
Cavalls Son Angel offers guided trips for experts and beginners by horseback through private meadows, forests and the nearby beaches of La Vall / Algaeriens.
Cap de Cavalleria
Cap de Cavalleria is the northernmost point on Menorca, the endend of a long and barren peninsula that extends about 4km north of the rest of the island. The lighthouse seen here has no access, but the scenery around the area is dramatic. It is not well visited as an attraction, but for those that do the area has a dramatic landscape and drive on offer. The area around here is remote and uninhabited, miles away from the sandy beaches and large hotels.