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Istanbul is one of the most exciting and spectacular cities on planet earth. No argument. Turkey is a vast country, so demands an amazing city as its capital. Istanbul fulfils this function. Diverse, utterly beautiful, exotic and fascinating, the city simply sings. With a history and heritage as complicated as it is legendary, Istanbul (former Constantinople) showcases the best of the Byzantine & Ottoman Empires and alongside near neighbour, Greece, is actually one of the world’s oldest civilizations. No mean boast! Straddling the Bosphorus Strait, Istanbul has one foot in Europe and one foot in Asia – imagine the melting pot of culture and cuisine with two continents merging in one city. Istanbul’s architecture is absolutely awesome with marvellous minarets and mosques tipping the skyline from the iconic Hagia Sophia to the Blue Mosque and Basilica Cistern. Marvel at the mosaics, stare at the stupas and wonder at the harem quarters in Topkapi Palace. Endless myriad-hued stalls in the stunning Grand Bazaar sell everything you need and everything you don’t, so shop to your wee heart’s content. Istanbul is just magical.

Using Istanbul as a hub, the rest of the world is waiting. Strategically placed to access Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, Turkish Airlines operate flights worldwide from Istanbul, so Istanbul airport is the perfect pivotal point to widen your world and use as stopover to even more exotic destinations. Safety records with Turkish Airlines are second to none and their huge training facility at Istanbul airport uses flight simulators to re-train the world’s Airlines Pilots in ongoing safety measures. No wonder Cassidy Travel has teamed with Turkish Airlines to offer amazing packages to bring you to the rest of the world. There is no better way to go. Competitive, flexible and convenient, this perfect partnership has expertise, experience and excellence. Widen your world with Turkish Airlines and Cassidy Travel. 





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