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It is all about discovery on the Sinfonia when passengers board for their all-inclusive cruise holidays. The newly renovated spaces are filled with new features that will excite and delight guests of all ages, while allowing them to see gorgeous panoramic views of everywhere that they travel.

Life on Board:

Many of the staterooms now have balconies, which enhanced each passenger’s experience while they are on board the ship. However, it is the expansion of the restaurant and buffet areas that pique the interest of many return passengers, as there are many new culinary delights to enjoy while out at sea. 

Entertainment & Activities:

While there is plenty to do on the Sinfonia, many people will find themselves enjoying the large area that is filled with music to dance along to. The Teatro San Carlo Theatre is perfect for those who want to see a performance in the evening, and it must be noted that reservations are required for each one. Children, young and old, will love the new children’s play areas that include a water spray park.

Book a Stay on the Sinfonia:

Sinfonia has home ports in Venice, Genoa, Marseille, Barcelona, and Civitavecchia, so it will be easy for everyone to explore everything that Europe has to offer. There are numerous excursions available at all ports of call, so every passenger can immerse themselves into the local cultures and traditions each time they leave the ship. 

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