Cheap City Breaks

This beautiful Scandinavian city is a cultural haven. Laidback and cheerful, there’s plenty to do in this cosmopolitan city. With the hygge movement taking off in recent times, the pull of Copenhagen is stronger than ever. Slip into cosy cafes and embrace the Danish culture of all things cosy, homely and ultimately hyggelig. Home of NOMA, voted the world’s best restaurant, there’s a food revolution in Copenhagen that you just can’t miss. Of course if haute cuisine is not your thing you can always grab a danish and a coffee.

Home to Hans Christian Anderson, you’ll see homages to his fairytales across the city, including the famous statue of the Little Mermaid. With cultural charm and modern flair Copenhagen is the ultimate city destination. Sleek lines, bright buildings and cobbled streets make up the European city, and it would be a shame not to explore. Plus, pretty much everyone speaks English so you’ll have an easy time getting around. It’s the perfect city getaway and you’ll love every moment.