Cheap City Breaks - Amsterdam

Skip town for the weekend or a midweek get away and see the culture and charm, the famous art galleries, museums and unique nightlife that Amsterdam has to offer. Capturing your heart from the moment you arrive this picturesque city is filled with tranquil canals, plush green parks and pastel painted houses.

A convenient city, its main mode of transport in the tram and it runs right throughout the city. The city’s roads are fully equipped for cyclists so you will see a huge amount of cyclists around, why not rent a bike and see the sights yourself. There are plenty of things to do and see in Amsterdam, aside from the Red Light District, that is there for people who want to experience it; this beautiful city is steeped in history and culture. From the Van Gough museum to the house of Anne Frank, a boat ride through the canals and the Heineken factory, you are sure to never be bored. Amsterdam is renowned for its ‘party hard’ reputation and you will find a limitless range of top restaurants, bars and clubs in the Rembrandtplein area.

Amsterdam is an all round destination, charming and picturesque and cheekily rebellious, your city break to Amsterdam will forever be unique and memorable.

Why take a Amsterdam city break? Amsterdam is a city for all seasons. Come wind, rain, snow or shine, there’s always something to do and see. But never is Amsterdam more alive than in the summer, when the city’s streets, canals and parks transform into a buzzing kaleidoscope of activity.

Must do on an Amsterdam city break?The city old centre is formed from canal rings, which give you the feeling of space, freedom and peace. Walk through these canal streets or better – take a trip with a boat by boarding one of the tourist cruises or by renting the boat yourself.