Cheap City Breaks

This truly cosmopolitan city is a stunning feat of art and architecture. Luxurious and vibrant, Barcelona offers the perfect combination of sun and sightseeing. Soak up the heat of the Mediterranean as you explore the cobbled streets. Wind your way through the Gothic Quarter right at the heart of the city, a celebration of gothic culture, and finish up with a stroll down the shopping street of La Rambla. Sports fans can also visit Camp Nou, the largest stadium in Europe, which plays host to many football games.

Uniquely dominated by the works of Antoni Gaudi, his influence is everywhere. However, his greatest masterpiece yet to be completed. The Sagrada Familia, started before his tragic death in 1926, is still under construction today and is a sight to behold, so make sure you don’t miss it!

There’s so much to take in in this beautiful city, but if you’re tired out take a stop at a traditional tapas bar, or even a short trip to the beach. Get the best of everything in Barcelona and come back refreshed and reinvigorated.