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Rome City Breaks

The Eternal City is Calling!

Cheap city breaks to Rome are like stepping into antiquity. Here, modern life is lived among the remnants of peoples form ancient times who have left their mark on every cobblestone and corner of this incredible city.

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Top Ancient Sites in Rome
Follow the footsteps of the ancients on your cheap city break to Rome. There are so many that you have to see to really experience the city. Visit the ancient amphitheatre of the Colloseum where gladiators once fought for the entertainment of the Roman people. The Forum by Capitoline Hill was once the beating heart of the city. Palatine Hill is said to be the site where the ancient civilisation was founded and long gone emperors called it home, too. The Piazza Nova once held chariot races and is now a chic district lined with cafes. See the ancient public baths at Diocletian and Caracalla and Trajan’s Market, said to be the old shopping district in the world.
Things to do in Rome
It’s not all about crumbling columns and stone walls – Rome is a modern city too with everything you’d expect from a modern metropolis. Its museum scene is the envy of other city’s as is its art heritage. Head to the Vatican and Michelangelo’s Pieta as well as the Sistine Chapel. The Trevi Fountain is one of the most popular tourist hotspots, as are the Spanish Steps in the city’s historic Centro Storico. Head to the Borghese Gardens with its two museums including the Villa Borghes filled with painting, sculptures and more. Check out the street art in quirky districts like Quadraro or Ostiense.
Dining Out
Rome is food-lovers paradise and the locals take it very seriously! Italian food has been exported all over the world and it’s easy to see why. Avoid tourist traps and go where the locals go to sample some of the city’s most authentic specialties made from local ingredients and drizzled in fragrant olive oil. Top things to try include authentic pizza from a local pizzeria, delicious gelatos, a favourite local pasta dish called cacio e pepe and favourites like carbonara and lasagne – learn how it’s done by trying it in its country of origin. Adults will love sipping on some Italian wine – and don’t forget to do breakfast like a local with an espresso and croissant from a local espresso bar.
Nightlife and Entertainment
Rome’s nightlife kicks off with aperitivo in the evening, the perfect time to relax with a cocktail and some snacks in a neighbourhood bar. Clubs get going after midnight and the party continues until the early hours. Discover great nightlife around areas slightly outside the centre of the city – Ostiense and San Giovanni as well as Testaccio. In the Centro Storico you can find plenty of options too including a wine bar with 1,500 wines to choose from, amazing cocktails and martinis and a lot more. Hip live shows, cabaret, jazz and theatre abounds, meaning there's plenty of amazing entertainment for your weekend break or cheap city break to Rome.

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