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City Guide: Top Things to do in Barcelona

This is an enchanting seaside city, a thrilling fusion of the old and the new with more things to do than you can fit into one trip. We’ve put together a handy guide, and you can see our deals right here.

City of Enchantment, City of Contrasts

Barcelona is a vibrant urban hub by the beachfront, the result of 2000 plus years of history. From mystic Roman ruins to Middle Age cathedrals, to the whimsical Sagrada Familia, you can truly walk in the footprints left by the people who made the city what it is.


Getting there

Flight times from Dublin to Barcelona average at around 2hrs 30mins, making it an ideal destination for a city break. There are plenty of flight times to choose from throughout the day, too.

Getting around

There are plenty of affordable and convenient transport options in Barcelona, so getting around is super convenient. There 11,000 taxis in the city, and many well-serviced bus routes. The Metro and Tram are super-convenient and probably the simplest way to get around the city. If you’re feeling outdoorsy and want to explore at your leisure, the city is fill of cycle lanes, making it a great city to explore by bike.

You could days or weeks exploring all Barcelona has to offer but here’s a few highlights.

The Sagrada Familia

The masterwork of Antoni Gaudí, a Catalan architect whose fingerprint can be found in architectural works across the city. Its sky-high spires tower over the surrounding buildings and it’s truly a sight to behold.

The Museums of Pablo Picasso & Joan Miró

Both of these world-famous artists have museums dedicated to them here. Barcelona has long served as a place of inspiration to its artists and these museums stand as testament to that fact. Both house extraordinary collections of their namesakes’ art and are really worth a visit.

Head to the Beach

Barcelona combines city buzz with tranquil, sandy beaches. The most famous is Barceloneta Beach; there’s no better place to chill by the deep blue Mediterranean Sea. Simply soak up the relaxed vibes among the palm trees.

Visit the Gothic Quarter

This is one of the most beautiful parts of the city and it’s just steeped in history. Wander among the narrow streets, home to bars, restaurants and street vendors. See the historic square of Placa Reial. And the absolute must-see here in the Catedral de Barcelona, a cathedral that serves as one of the city’s top attractions.

La Rambla

This is the city’s most famous street, full of cultural hubs, theatres, restaurants, beautiful buildings and things to do. It’s definitely a tourist-y part of the city but worth exploring

Mercat de Sant Antoni

This market can be found in a truly stunning historic building. Recently renovated, it features over 250 stalls. Wander around the pick up local fare, grab a bit and check out the second hand book market on Sunday mornings.

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