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The Benefits of an All-Inclusive Holiday

We here at Cassidy Travel have some great packages for you when it comes to all-inclusive. All-inclusive holidays are becoming more and more popular these days and is designed for various types of holidays makers such as families, couples, friend getaways and better yet these packages include everything from the cost of your flights, accommodation and food and beverages, giving the you best deal possible. Read below for the many benefits of an all-inclusive holiday.



All-inclusive resorts, depending on your choice, can include breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks throughout the day. If you were to go for an only-hotel package and count up your meals and snacks over the holiday, your spending can be astronomical. With a budget all-inclusive holiday, all your meals covered with a flat fee is much more desirable than eating out each day and night, especially with a large family!



The big selling point of an all-inclusive holiday is the ease of the holiday for the whole family. Not only is an all-inclusive resort cost-effective for meals and snacks, the fact that your day-to-day activities, restaurants and bars are all located within walking distance. This way, if you’re travelling with a big family, everyone can do their own thing while there are still plenty of ways to spend some quality family time together too. With late wakeups and early lunches, there are no panic or time restraints on the family, leading to a very relaxing holiday for all.


On other holidays, travelling can be a big part of the trip. From the rooms to breakfast, swimming pools, beach beds, water activities, lunches, bars, dinners, shops and shows, there’s a lot of walking to and from buses into the main strip for restaurants or nights out. With all-inclusive, this takes away a lot of that pressure that comes with travelling with young children or a large family. With a deal like this, you know that your poolside sun lounger is never too far away from your room, or the nearest restaurant if you get peckish at lunchtime!


Location, location, location

One of the great benefits of an all-inclusive holiday is that they are predominately in the best sun locations. Back home, it’s hard to plan around difficult weather predictions. All-inclusive holidays in Spain, France and Portugal guarantee beautiful weather all summer long. Even if there was rain, you know that it won’t be lasting long! Read our blog on how to plan the perfect family vacation as discuss our top family destinations, budget all-inclusive trips and much more.


Young Children

Being abroad with young children can be stressful for even the most experienced parents. With all-inclusive, you know that the whole family will be in your view. The resort becomes home for the family, and everyone will come to terms with where home is, or in this case, your room! Staff are always extremely helpful, and most resorts have kids clubs. This keeps children entertained and social with the other children on their holidays while keeping them safe and in the community of the resort. Not to mention the couple of hours of peace this could give the parents every now and then! Most resorts usually have fun activities for booking for the whole family like football astroturf pitches, tennis courts, swimming pools and table tennis, to name a few. Recreational leaders in the resort always have activities planned like water polo and volleyball to break up your day in the sun if you wish to partake. Then in the evening, you and the family can relax with some after-dinner entertainment which a variety of singers, bands, DJs, performers and magicians to entertain holiday-goers.

An all-inclusive holiday can be enjoyable, cost-effective and safe for the whole family, so you can enjoy the peace and quiet with your meals and entertainment covered, while also providing lots of fun activities for the young children.


Browse 100s of all-inclusive holidays across Europe and beyond right here. With Cassidy Travel, it’s easy to search and book cheap all-inclusive holidays from Ireland to amazing global destinations.

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