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Trip of a Lifetime: Our Golf Expert's Family Trip to Lapland


Our golf holiday expert, Brian Fulton, went with his family to magical Lapland and we wanted to share! Lapland 2021 is selling already, so why not find your own amazing Lapland trip here!

From the moment you reach the airport you can tell this is something a little different. We were flying into Rovaniemi Airport, but the check-in desk told us we were going to Lapland, a nice touch that got everyone excited from the start. The Aer Lingus staff were in the spirit with Christmas hats and music playing. They handed out gift packs to all the kids – the excitement was palpable. Even the boarding gate was decked out with crimbo decorations and the stewards and stewardesses were fantastic at getting the kids all singing and playing games. The pilots joined in, too. It was a great way to start the trip.

lapland holiday

The first thing you notice on arrival in Rovaniemi is how cold it is! We got straight on a bis to the outfitting area where we collected out snow suits and boots, our thermal socks etc to keep us warm. Then it was off to the hotel. Make sure to bring your own thermal socks, vests, hats and gloves – you’ll need them!

We stayed in the Santa Claus Hotel right in the heart of the town. For larger families, you also can stay in the more spacious apartments near the ski slopes just outside of town. Santa’s Elves greeted us on arrival – they’ve all got names like Blueberry and Strawberry and they’ll help you on your trip to find Santa. We got changed and ready for a snow safari on the snow mobiles! Adults go in 2s – I have to say, I actually felt like James Bond, the snow mobiles are so cool you almost forget it’s – 20 degrees! The children go on one separate snow mobile, tucked into warm blankets with their own instructor guiding them along. It took about 30-40 mins, then it was back to our hotel to relax – with a nice glass of red wine for the grownups.

All meals are included – breakfast, lunch and dinner. That’s one less thing to worry about. After breakfast we were off for a full day. First we met the Reindeer and learned all about them and had the change to drive with them in carriage. Unfortunately Rudolf and Co. weren’t there, as they were in training for Santa!

meeting santa!

We had lunch when we got to Joulukka, then headed to Commend Centre to meet the man himself! We saw the elves hard at work. Only one family is allowed in to see Santa at a time so there is a bit of wait, however you are given hot drinks and entertained by some elves with games. Then we went sledging and visited Elf School, a chance to decorate our own Gingerbread men. Finally it’s off to see the Huskie dogs and we got to ride on a track pulled by 8 dogs. I’ve never seen so many people laughing. Then we went back to the hotel for dinner, a beautiful 3 course meal. Santa came in again to see the kids, and there loads of activities for the kids to enjoy.

meet the reindeer

On our departure day, we had breakfast and checked out. The hotel stored our bags so we could head off to the Santa Claus Village at the Arctic Circle where you can shop till you drop, take in the sights and visit the Santa Claus Official Post Office. It’s just a short bus ride back to airport, with a quick stop to drop off your rental snow clothes off on the way. We flew back to Dublin and bid farewell to the land of Santa Claus.

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