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New Trend: Work from Home, Abroad!

Kitchen, bedroom, box room – since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, remote working has become the norm for so many of us. We’ve had to squeeze our laptops into whatever space we can and get to work!

It’s been challenging for many to find a dedicated area to work productively but some are taking the search even further in one fascinating emerging trend and heading off to sunnier and sandier shores to set up office abroad!

Home is wherever you are

By now we are familiar with the idea of working from home. But what counts as ‘home’ these days? Is working from your house in Ireland really any different from working on a sunny beach in the Caribbean or a stretch of European coastline provided you have a good wi-fi connection?

With hundreds of companies announcing remote-friendly work policies for the duration of the pandemic and into the future, there’s never been a better time to embrace new, flexible modes of working. Working from home might become working from anywhere!


  • WFH Abroad can be an amazing way to travel more without using up more of your precious annual leave
  • Longer terms stays can result in great deals on accommodation
  • Cross destinations off your bucket-list
  • Experience more of the local flavour by staying put in your destination for a little longer
  • Escape the monotony of working from your own home by heading to new surrounds
  • No commute, just relax in beautiful surrounds


  • Staying productive while being half in ‘holiday mode’
  • Depending on your accommodation type, finding a dedicated workspace may be tricky

WFH Abroad vs. Digital Nomads

Digital nomads are remote workers who travel to different locations on a regular basis, often for years at a time. These are people (often freelancers) who have fully embraced WFH Abroad and made it their 24-hour lifestyle. But you don’t need to go full Digital Nomad to get a taste of WFH Abroad, you can just head off for a few weeks, a month or whatever amount of time suits you.

What does the future hold for WFH Abroad?

The pandemic has accelerated emerging trends around WFH which prior to COVID was gradually becoming more common and accessible. However, now that more people have learned that WFH has a few challenges too, a lot of us are eager to return to the office which provides us with a dedicated workspace, separation of work and home, and the company and community of colleagues. While we can’t predict the future, it may be that employees and employers of the future will embrace the flexibility that technology offers with more options around working from home. A hybrid approach may be the way forward.

Why not explore your options?

Get ahead of the trend and talk to us about your options. There are many sunny destinations allowing visitors to enter the country as long you can provide a negative COVID test. Working abroad for a few weeks might be just the boost you’ve been looking for.


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