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Holidays to Ibiza

Unleash the Magic of Ibiza - Your Ultimate Island Escape


Ibiza is a world-renowned holiday destination located in the Balearic Islands of Spain. Known for its vibrant nightlife, stunning beaches, and unique atmosphere, Ibiza offers a mix of relaxation, entertainment, and natural beauty.

From its legendary nightlife to its beautiful beaches and unique charm, Ibiza offers a dynamic holiday experience. Whether you're seeking parties, relaxation, natural beauty, or cultural exploration, Ibiza has something to offer everyone.

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Explore Ibiza


Ibiza is famous for its stunning beaches with crystal-clear turquoise waters. From lively stretches like Playa d'en Bossa and Las Salinas to tranquil coves like Cala Conta and Cala Bassa, there is a beach to suit every preference. Relax on the soft sands, swim in the refreshing waters, and enjoy the Mediterranean sun.



Ibiza is synonymous with its legendary nightlife scene. The island is home to world-class clubs, beach clubs, and open-air parties. Experience the vibrant atmosphere of clubs like Pacha, Amnesia, and Ushuaïa, where international DJs perform sets that go until sunrise. The famous Ibiza sunset is also a must-see spectacle at beach bars such as Café del Mar and Mambo.


Ibiza Old Town (Dalt Vila)

Explore the historic center of Ibiza Town, known as Dalt Vila. This UNESCO World Heritage site is a fortified hilltop area with ancient city walls, cobblestone streets, and breathtaking views. Visit the 13th-century Cathedral of Santa Maria d'Eivissa, wander through the charming narrow streets, and enjoy the vibrant shops, art galleries, and restaurants.


Es Vedrà

Take a boat trip to the mystical island of Es Vedrà, a striking rock formation located off the western coast of Ibiza. Known for its magnetic aura and stunning sunsets, Es Vedrà is a popular spot for photography and a must-visit for nature lovers.


Hippy Markets

Immerse yourself in the bohemian spirit of Ibiza by visiting its famous hippy markets. Las Dalias in San Carlos, Punta Arabí in Es Canar, and the Night Market in Ibiza Town are among the most popular. Browse through stalls selling handmade crafts, clothing, jewelry, and unique souvenirs while enjoying live music and a vibrant atmosphere.



Take a day trip to the nearby island of Formentera, known for its pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters. Relax on the white sandy shores, rent a bicycle or scooter to explore the island, and indulge in the laid-back and peaceful atmosphere.


Sunset Strip

Experience the magical sunsets of Ibiza at the Sunset Strip in San Antonio. Relax at one of the famous bars, such as Café Mambo or Café del Mar, and enjoy live music and DJ sets as the sun dips below the horizon.


Outdoor Activities

Ibiza offers various outdoor activities for adventure seekers. Explore the island's natural beauty by hiking along coastal trails or biking through rural landscapes. You can also try water sports like paddleboarding, jet skiing, and snorkeling.


Wellness Retreats

Ibiza has become a popular destination for wellness retreats and yoga retreats. Take part in rejuvenating yoga sessions, meditation workshops, and spa treatments. Many retreats offer stunning views of the island's natural beauty.



Indulge in the culinary delights of Ibiza. Try traditional local dishes such as bullit de peix (fish stew), sofrit pagès (a meat and vegetable dish), and flaó (a local dessert). Ibiza is also known for its vibrant dining scene, offering a wide range of international cuisines and trendy beachfront restaurants.