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There’s so much to consider when booking your holiday that it’s normal to have a few questions. We’ve put together this FAQ to answer some of the most common, and provide more information about travelling with children or special requirements so you can travel with peace of mind.

If you are in need of special assistance at any point during your trip, let us know. Contact the shop or department you made your booking with or email

Find contact details right here on our contact page.

Cruise holidays with an autistic traveller

Cruise companies have procedures and facilities in place to assist holidaymakers of all kinds and many kinds of special assistance requirements. We understand that this can add a level of stress to what should be an enjoyable holiday. If one of your party has special needs, let us know while booking your trip.

Our travel advisor Michelle has shared her own experience of taking a cruise holiday with an autistic child here where you can read about her experience.

Some of the helpful measures cruise companies have in place for passengers requiring special assistance due to autism or other conditions may include registration of medical needs, medical forms, dietary forms, special accommodations at Kids Clubs and other facilities and more.

Travelling while pregnant

If you are travelling while pregnant, you should always follow medical advice and ensure that you are allowed to fly. Guidance from airlines can vary; many airlines will refuse to carry a passenger more than 28 weeks pregnant. You may be required to obtain a medical cert from your GP depending on the airline.

Contact the relevant airline for their guidelines or get in touch with the agent or shop you made your booking with if you have any queries.

Travelling with a family

Travelling with kids is fun but sometimes stressful, especially at the airport. Preparation is key - make sure you have all your travel documents prepared in advance, in one place that you can easily access. Make sure you have plenty of time at the airport for check-in and security. Take your time, pace yourself and the children.

Bear in mind that everything you are bringing as a carry on needs to go through security including children’s bags, toys, formulas etc. Items you need for the journey like formula, milk and medicines are allowed if essential.

Ensure in advance that your items comply with security. Liquids must be below 100ml. Additional screening may be required. Ensure items are presented in a clear, resealable plastic bag.

For more information, see Dublin Airport’s advice for travelling with children here.

Also see their Security FAQ here.

Changing and feeding rooms can be found in both Terminal 1 and 2 of Dublin Airport, if you are flying from Dublin.

Travelling with an autistic traveller

Going on holidays, while exciting for most people, can be overwhelming for holidaymakers who have autism.

Start by letting us know about any special assistance requirements that members of your holiday party may require. Use visual guides to your holiday so there aren’t any surprised when you get there – prepare a scrapbook or otherwise make sure everyone knows where they’re going and what it’s going to be like there. Before arriving at the airport, use these visual guides to prepare for the journey through the airport.

Dublin Airport

Terminal 1

Terminal 2

Cork Airport

Visual Guide

Shannon Airport

Video Guide

Belfast Airport

Find Visual Guides here

You can also of services while at the airport:

  • Wristband or lanyard to get assistance from staff (Agents wearing pink t-shirts). This requires a GP note
  • Assistance through the process of checking in and security
  • Specialised parking and assistance getting from parking to the terminal
  • Assistance boarding the plane
  • OCS (reduced mobility service provider) can assist from arrival at the airport to boarding the plane. It’s important to book this in advance
  • Internet stations throughout airport can be used to break up the journey and provide entertainment

Sensory Rooms

Sensory rooms are purpose-built spaces that help to calm passengers who may find the busy airport environment overwhelming. They are designed for people with autism, dementia, cognitive impairment or other needs.

The following airports have sensory rooms you can avail of if required.

Dublin Airport

Shannon Airport

Bear in mind that the Sensory Room may require advance booking. Enquire ahead of time with as much notice as possible.

More information

Each airport offers a full range of advice. Find more information about each airport’s services and facilities for those with autism on their own websites.

Dublin Airport

Cork Airport

Shannon Airport

Belfast Airport

Travelling with cognitive disabilities

If someone in your party requires assistance due to cognitive disabilities, let our agents know during booking, or if booking online get in touch at any point during the process.

At the airport, you can avail of services like:

  • Wristband or lanyard to get assistance from staff
  • Assistance through the process of checking in and security
  • Specialised parking and assistance getting from parking to the terminal
  • Assistance boarding the plane

Alert a staff member at the airport if you or someone in your party requires assistance of this kind.

Travelling with diabetes

For travellers with diabetes, it’s important to continuing managing the condition while travelling.

If you are travelling with medication or medical devices such as blood sugar monitors, needles etc, you may require a letter/statement from your GP/Specialist in order to transit easily through security/customs.

Please enquire with the agent/shop that you booked with, or your airline, for more advice.

Travelling with pets

Policies around travelling with pets vary from airline to airline, and can change depending on where you are travelling to.

Special assistance dogs must generally be registered and recognised in order to be allowed, and policies vary depending on the airline and destination. Guidelines also vary depending on whether or not you are travelling within the EU.

You may need to have any of a range of documentation for your pet such as a valid pet passport, microchip, specified vaccinations, or veterinary health certificate etc.

For more information please see the following links:

Advice from Dublin Airport on travelling with pets

Advice from Shannon Airport

Advice from Belfast Airport on assistance dogs

If you have any further queries, contact your agent or shop, or see the policies of your airline.

Travelling with reduced mobility

If you or anyone in your party has reduced mobility, let our agents know within 48 hours of your journey and we can assist.

At Dublin, Cork, Shannon and Belfast Airports, you can benefit from services including specialised parking and assistance getting around.

Avail of:

  • Specialised parking and assistance getting to and from terminal
  • Assistance from Help Points around terminals
  • Assistance from staff at check-in desk
  • Privacy rooms & toilets
  • Dog relief areas
  • Set down areas in departures