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The MSC Meravigilia: Our Expert Hops on Board

We love cruises! Our travel expert Michelle Buckley boarded the MSC Meraviglia to get a taste of all it had to offer.

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All Aboard!

Well what can I say? This trip completely surpassed my expectations.

I was nervous and excited at the same time. I didn’t know what to expect as I have never cruised before.

We boarded the MSC Meraviglia in Barcelona. After spending a few hours exploring the city, our boarding time of 3pm arrived and embarked. Check in was easy, very similar to checking in for a flight. Then we made our way onto the ship where we were greeted by one of the concierges.

When you get on deck 6 you are right in the promenade area of the ship. All I can say is Wow! Everything is amazing, especially the dome ceiling which is constantly changing so it feels like you are walking down a different promenade every time, and where they hold a fireworks display at midnight. I also loved the chocolate bar that comes alive after dark with salsa dancing and live music.

Our cabins were way more spacious than I ever thought; we were on deck 11 with sea view balcony, and rooms consisted of two single beds and pull out couch. It had all the standard amenities for a comfortable stay: telephone, hairdryer, TV, shower etc.

Pool towels are provided in the room, so there is no need to take these with you .

Every evening in your cabin, you get a list of activities that will be taking place on board the ship the next day, which is great as you can plan out your day and evening based around this.

The first evening, we were treated to the Tepanyaki Speciality restaurant, prices for this ranged from €20pp to €45 pp. This was a show in itself, and the interaction between the chef and the clients was amazing. I would highly recommend booking this. For the €45 euro meal, this included Lobster and Fillet Mignon. Well worth it in my eyes.

The following day, we did a tour of the ship and got to see the Kids Clubs, the adults only sky lounge, as well as the children’s pool area Polar Bay. We explored The Sports Complex, where you can play bowling, arcade games, a simulator, and a Formula One experience.

I was very interested to find out how the Kids Clubs work, and I was very impressed with the whole set up. They even have children’s toilets. I would be very happy to send my kids to one of the kids clubs on board.

We spent the rest of the day in the Yacht Club, and got to see the Club’s exclusive cabins. Called a ‘ship within a ship’, the Yacht Club is a luxury upgrade where you get access to private areas alongside the rest of the ship. Yacht Club cabins are extra spacious and come with a butler! You need an access card to enter the exclusive Yacht Club.

The pool area of the Yacht Club was a lot more relaxed and quiet compared to the main bamboo pool area which had a lot going on from morning till evening, it has its own pool and hot tub so if you are looking for quiet more relaxed the Yacht club is the way forward.

On the second evening, we took in the Cirque du Soleil show, Viaggio. It was absolutely amazing, couldn’t be described even if I tried. Definitely something that would have to be seen to be believed. From people flying over your head, to walking on walls. It was a highlight of the trip for me. This show is extra and isn’t included in the cost of your cruise, however for €35 you can have dinner and the show, or for €15 you can have cocktail and the show. Very reasonable prices for what you are getting.

That evening we also took in dinner in the Yacht Club. The exclusive restaurant here is fine dining. Lobster was on the menu and a Tex Mex mix, which was to die for.

On our disembarkation day, we had our breakfast in the Yacht Club also. This was table service and cooked fresh. However, the option is there for you to use the buffet if you so wished.

Overall, this whole experience surpassed my expectations, from the staff, to the cabins, the food, it was perfect. I loved every single minute of it, waking up in a new destination every morning, it’s definitely the best way to see the world.

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