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Our Tips for Booking Last Minute Holidays

When you’re dreaming of somewhere different, there’s nothing better than nabbing a great deal on a last minute holiday. But how to go about it?

No plans? No problem?

Sometimes you’re feeling spontaneous. Sometimes life gets so hectic, you don’t have a chance to plan your holidays months in advance. So, whether you have a few days annual leave left to use or lose, or you’re craving an escape from the humdrum of everyday life, why not consider booking a last minute holiday?

We have tons of great deals on last minutes holidays from Ireland, city breaks, weekend breaks, sun holidays and more. See our site to find your own!

In the meantime, we’ve gathered a few hints, tips and considerations for booking your last minute holidays today.

Be flexible on Your Travel Dates

Stay open to different departure dates and flight times on those dates to get a better deal. Prices can fluctuate a lot from one day to the next, flexibility here will help you a lot and give you more options.

Be flexible on your destination

Go where the deals are. If you’re travelling in peak months, popular places like Spain and the Balearics could be priced out. City breaks and destinations off the beaten track can offer better value when booking last minute holidays.

Look for value, not just price

If a deal looks too good to be true it probably is. When you see a price that’s so good you want to book it right now, stop and look a bit more closely. Where do you fly into, and where is your accommodation? You could end up spending way more on transfers and lose any savings you think you’ve made. Check how much baggage you’re allowed to avoid paying more. Research and budget how much you’ll need to spend each day of your trip.

Travel Mid-Week

Everyone wants to fly out on a weekend. That drives prices up and availability down. Opting to fly out on a Tuesday or Wednesday could save you money, especially when booking last minute.

Travel in Low Season

This advice bears repeating. Even popular destinations can offer up good last minute deals when they’re not in their high season.

Consider day-to-day costs

Okay, you think you’ve got a really good deal on flights and accommodation in a place you’re excited to visit. Now how much will it be to get around, do stuff, and eat? Research and factor this in when making your decision.

Book Through a Travel Agent

In this age of online booking, the story goes that you can simply hunt out the best deal by comparing prices online. But booking through a travel agent comes with huge benefits. The main one is that agents will often have insider knowledge on where to go. And they’re always searching out great deals, and often uncover exclusive bargains it’s hard to find on your own.

Have the right expectations

It’s unlikely that you’ll find a great last minute holiday deal to your exact dream destination, for 2 weeks. But last minute holiday booking can be perfect for shorter trips and city breaks. This is why it’s important to be flexible.

Thinking of booking your last minute holidays from Dublin, and other Irish airports? Check out the Cassidy Travel website for great deals on flights and hotels, or call us on 0818-332500 for expert travel advice!

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